About ACCIS and CDIA



ACCIS LogoAssociation of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS)
Established in Dublin in 1990, it comprises 41 consumer credit reference agencies in 28 European countries as well as 6 associate members from other continents.
The key functions of ACCIS are to represent, promote, protect and preserve the common interests of its members; to include in particular the representation and advocacy of member interests vis-a-vis government agencies, the public and all other third parties; to inform members about matters of concern to them, including information about practices of other members and to coordinate the mutual interests of the members.
ACCIS works in cooperation with the other European trade organizations such as EUROFINAS or with sister organizations like CDIA or the Global Consumer Credit Reporting Network. The ACCIS Executive Committee is answerable to the general membership, by whom it is directly elected, and is responsible for the direction and administration of the Association. Visit: accis.eu


CDIA logoConsumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)
Founded in 1906, the U.S.-based Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) CDIA is an international trade association with more than 250 member companies, providing businesses with the data tools necessary to manage risk in a wide range of consumer transactions.
These products include credit and mortgage reports, identity verification tools, law enforcement investigative products, fraudulent check transaction identification systems, employment screening, tenant screening, depository account opening tools, decision sciences technologies, locator services and collections. Our members’ data and the products and services based on it ensure that consumers benefit from fair and safe transactions, broader competition and access to a market which is innovative and focused on their needs. CDIA members receive 4.5 billion monthly updates to their databases from approximately 18,000 data furnishers. The industry’s products are used in more than nine billion transactions per year. Visit: cdiaonline.org